Special Needs

Our Special Needs team works one on one with every child that comes into the ministry, to develop an Individualized Spiritual Plan (ISP) that is specific to the needs of each child.

We do our best to run this as an inclusion ministry, including our special needs children with the rest of the kids, while being mindful of sensory and physical needs.

We have a fully equipped sensory room for quiet time and a place to decompress. We want to give special needs families an hour to worship and rest, knowing that their children are loved, accepted, and learning about God (Up), becoming more like Him (IN), and loving others (OUT), in whatever way they are capable.

The director is a school teacher who has a heart for children with special needs and their families.

Our volunteers are passionate for serving the NextGen, and must pass a nationwide background check as well as complete an extensive application and interview process.

If you are a new family searching for a church to attend with your child, we would love to meet before Sunday so we can learn more about your child and make your first Sunday at Daily Church, a wonderful experience for your entire family.

Please contact Tara Walczak at tara@dailychurch.com to set up a meeting.