Lil' Sprouts

We love children, and we want each of them to discover the wonder of who God is.

First Time Guests

Welcome! We are so excited to meet you. From the parking lot, use the entrance in the back of the building to check your child in. When you arrive at the Clubhouse Crew Check-In, one of our ministry partners will guide you through the computerized check-in process. If it is your first time worshipping with us, we will ask for some basic information to ensure you and your child feel secure and any special needs are communicated with our partners. We suggest arriving at least 10 minutes before service so you don’t feel rushed.

Your child’s safety is important to us. That is why each child is given an adhesive name badge to wear each week, and the parent is given a corresponding security I.D. tag. This ensures that only a parent or authorized adult may pick up your child.

Once check-in is complete, we will introduce you and your child to their teachers. We want to do everything possible to make the transition from parent to teacher a smooth one. We are so honored to have you and your child as our special guests.

Parents of our Nursery and Preschool children can pick up a pager in case a volunteer needs to get ahold of them during the service. 

Once service is over and it is time to pick up your child, you will pick up your child in their grade level classroom in the children’s hallway. Each classroom has a large sign outside indicating the age. 


Our goal is to partner with and equip parents in the spiritual growth of their children.  We want every child to feel loved, accepted and grow closer to God on whatever level they are capable of.  Our Sunday curriculum goes through the entire Bible, God’s Big Story, in 3 years.  We don’t just want them to learn Bible stories, we want them to know that the Bible is one incredible overarching narrative about God’s loving pursuit of us, His children.  Every lesson has an age appropriate application, points everything back to God, and ends in prayer. 

What You Can Expect

Kids will start the morning off in the Lil’ Sprouts main room.  This is an exciting and fun atmosphere where kids come together as a large group to participate in an age appropriate worship service that includes worship with inspiring and meaningful songs, fun games, and a bible lesson taught in an engaging and relatable way.  From there they will move into their age appropriate small groups for a extended lesson time and a craft. In small groups the lessons are discussed and reviewed in a way that helps kids apply these lessons to their lives.  

Lil’ Sprouts meet every Thursday at 6:30PM and Sunday during the main services at 9:30AM & 11AM

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